Elderly-friendly dustbin for hassle-free waste disposal

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Catering to the needs of all demographics, the client sought a practical and user-friendly dustbin solution tailored to the unique needs of elderly users. The client emphasized the importance of a purely mechanical design, aiming to facilitate effortless waste management for this demographic. The project encompassed a wide scope, including product design, the development of a functional prototype, and the provision of manufactural files required for production.

Design, modeling,  and manufacturing

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Ergonomically designed handles and tyres ensure easy maneuverability and comfortable grip for smooth operation, reducing physical effort for elderly users.



Elderly users can effortlessly dispose of waste by separating the dustbin halves and utilizing the flappers to slide the bag toward the main municipal dustbin. This design allows the elderly to dispose of waste without lifting heavy bags.

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Prioritized safety with a stable and secure design minimizes the risk of accidents or injuries while reducing strain on the user’s body.



The effective elderly-friendly dustbin design has the potential for mass production and widespread implementation, benefiting a larger demographic.



The design and modeling were handled considering manufacturing methods from the start. Components were designed and manufactural files were created to meet specifications for ease of production.

Insights from the Team Lead

Collaborating closely with the client, we addressed their specific requirements and challenges, resulting in a purely mechanical design that facilitates effortless waste disposal for elderly users. By incorporating innovative features, such as flappers for sliding the bag and ergonomically designed handles and tires for portability, we aimed to reduce physical effort and promote independence. With scalability in mind, our solution has the potential for mass production and widespread implementation, benefitting a larger demographic. benefitting a broad range of users.

Ijaz Hussain

Team Lead Mechanical, Devomech Solutions

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