A BLE-enabled app for exercise monitoring

Ideas. Concept. Solution.

Undertaking an ambitious project to develop a cutting-edge Android tablet application for a valued client, Team Devomech Solutions created an application that could seamlessly communicate with the client’s custom-built hardware using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The app was developed to allow users to personalize fitness targets, maintain a database to store user-specific information, monitor real-time data exchange related to physical exercises, and display exercise statistics through visually appealing graphs.

The app’s structure was designed using the Iterative Software Development model, allowing for flexibility and iterative improvements throughout the development lifecycle.

Design, development, and deployment



The team enabled the application’s capability to automatically scan for and connect to the hardware upon startup, as well as reestablish the connection if it was ever disrupted to simplify initial set-up.



The app’s architecture was designed to be highly scalable, allowing it to run efficiently on a wide range of Android devices, starting from version 5.0.



Close attention was paid to mirroring the client’s provided design to create a visually appealing graphical user interface.


Command Reliability

The team ensured that the hardware communication adhered to industry standards and the app’s commands were reliably sent and resent until acknowledgment was received.

quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Comprehensive testing was carried out, encompassing all relevant test cases, to ensure the app’s quality and performance met high standards.

data integration 1

Data Integrity

The app’s ability to handle high-speed data transmission ensured no data loss during exercise sessions, providing users with accurate and real-time exercise statistics.

Hear from our client

As the founder of Illusio, I wanted to work on a new way of improving sports performance. We did that by creating a machine with data that was digital, intelligent, and represented in a beautiful and minimal design. Devomech Solutions helped us in enabling the WIFI logic control through Rasberry Pi Zero. I would want to work with them again as they did the job very professionally.

Antonio Camerota

Product and Mechanical Design – R&D Specialist, Illusio

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