A modern juice vending machine designed for an enhanced customer experience

Ideas. Concept. Solution.

In order to find an optimal balance between variety and freshness, our valued client sought a solution that could efficiently handle a diverse range of juice options while ensuring uncompromised quality. Sharing a common vision, Devomech Solutions embarked on the mission to create a cutting-edge machine that seamlessly combines user-friendliness, intuitive navigation, and visually stunning design to captivate and immerse customers. These prerequisites laid the groundwork for a collaborative journey aligned with industry norms.

Design, modeling,  and manufacturing



The intuitive interface, easy-to-use touch screen, smooth navigation, and hassle-free payment system allowed customers to complete transactions effortlessly. The machine’s ergonomic layout ensured accessibility for users of all ages and abilities.



The team incorporated efficient refrigeration systems and storage configurations to ensure the machine could maintain juice freshness for extended periods.



The design team successfully maintained a balance between space efficiency and accommodating sufficient space for refrigeration equipment, storage compartments, and operational components, ensuring optimal functionality and visual appeal.



The modern features that were implemented enabled the users to choose from 4 juice types and avail the option to add ice cubes and extra sugar for a personalized experience.



The design team combined sleek lines, vibrant branding elements, and modern finishes to create an eye-catching and stylish machine that seamlessly integrated into various environments, enticing customers and enhancing brand presence.



Performance was evaluated through rigorous testing and refinement, resulting in a reliable and robust machine that met the client’s expectations for superior performance and longevity.



Detailed dimensioned drawings, instructions, and bills of materials were created to facilitate mass production, enabling the client to meet market demand efficiently.

Hear from Team Lead

Collaborating closely with our valued client, we embarked on a remarkable journey to create a solution that delivers a seamless and enjoyable juice vending experience. Our modern design boasts high capacity, intuitive usability, captivating aesthetics, and streamlined manufacturing. The result is a truly transformative customer experience that sets new benchmarks and exceeds expectations.

Daud Raza

Team Lead, Devomech Solutions

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