An optimal-frequency massager for a large-scale manufacturer

Ideas. Concept. Solution.

A large-scale manufacturer of massagers engaged with a team of mechanical and electrical engineers at Devomech Solutions to optimize the vibration frequency for the release of the next model. The vibrations, which were previously also felt in the handle, had to be limited to just the head of the massager to achieve the desired comfort to the end-user. To enhance the utility of the massager, the client also suggested that the revamped solution should be a cordless device with an aesthetically appealing design.

Design, modeling,  and manufacturing



To ensure a longer life cycle, the team designed a robust internal mechanism that would allow the new product to work for 500 hours in a lifetime. A high-power motor was also included and constant revolutions of the motor were maintained to avoid any imprecision in therapy.



A compact solution with a high energy-to-density ratio was created with ergonomically designed grips to offer a sweat-free clutch. The design was customized to be wireless to ensure a nice hold for the end-user.



The vibration was restricted to the head of the massager to ensure the therapist would not feel any discomfort. The massager’s head was intelligently designed to access every tissue of the body to recuperate energy reserves in the muscles.



The team played an advisory role to recommend appropriate manufacturing methods to align with the product functionality. The team also coordinated with the manufacturers to get the parts manufactured using CNC and injection molding.

icon portablility


A cooling system was installed to prevent any unnecessary damage to the device. Moreover, an efficient damping mechanism was developed to avoid vibrational impact on the handle and the PCB circuit board.



The solution is being sold to chiropractors on a large scale by our client.

Hear from our client

The team at Devomech Solutions has been my best hire so far and has been available to work during US hours and beyond. We worked together on a very complex high speed vibration therapy device that had many challenges such as heat, vibration and noise which had to be resolved in a timely manner. I will be contracting Devomech Solutions for our next generation device and would highly recommend them for anyone looking for a hardworking and competent engineering team.

Jeff Maier

Co-founder, Rapid Release Technology

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