Culturally attuned hygiene for modern restaurants

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Having been approached by a popular food chain owner in the US, a team of engineers at Devomech Solutions took up the challenge to work on an electro-mechanical portable bidet solution to fit the need of our client. Our client wanted to pursue this solution to create an inclusive restaurant environment where diners from all cultures could experience a comfortable ambiance.

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Design, modeling,  and manufacturing



To ensure that the design would fit into all restrooms in the restaurants owned by our client, the size of the bidet was kept at 18*6 inches.



The tank for the bidet was designed to hold 10 liters at a time. The capacity was determined by gauging the average water consumption in a day.

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To reduce the operating costs, a submersible pump was used which requires little maintenance. Lithium-ion batteries were used for an optimal power-to-size ratio.



To fit the interior of the restrooms, a monochrome exterior was chosen for the bidet to complement the color of the fixtures already installed.

3d Printing 2

Additive manufacturing

3D modeling was an iterative process and the design was tested for multiple constraints including water pressure, battery life, and pump quality before it was finalized.

Hear from our client

It was a pleasure to work with Devomech Solutions. The team was communicative, understanding, receptive to feedback, and always professional. The renderings that were created were of very high quality. I would recommend Devomech Solutions without hesitation.

Naveed Haque


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