Development of an automatic powder mixer with customizable heat settings

Ideas. Concept. Solution.

With a vision to create a powder mixer for both professionals and beginners, our valued client engaged our team of certified engineers to create an automatic mixing solution with customizable heat settings. As part of the solution, the team also added a digital timer and temperature gauge to the mixer to allow for precision in quantity and temperature. On top, a mobile app was developed that was used to conveniently control the function especially the heating temperature of the mixer.

Design, modeling,  and manufacturing



Product aesthetics were considered an important functionality to boast a modern and visually appealing design, guaranteed to catch the attention of the buyers.



While the upper cup of the mixer holds the powder, the bottom cup, covered by a flexible heater, aids in heating the powder. At the same time, a stirrer continuously shakes the powder in the bottom cup to ensure it is properly heated.



The design was repeatedly examined for any weak points, and any potential issues for large-scale manufacturing were identified and fixed. Modifications were made as necessary, and a final, tried-and-true version that could be produced in mass quantities was created.

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The powder mixer has been designed to be as compact as possible while still maintaining its functionality. This allows the users to transport the mixer to various locations as needed.



A thorough evaluation of product performance was conducted by testing the essential design components and electronic design. The sensors were ordered from various suppliers, either nearby or on Alibaba and the enclosure was created on-site via 3D printing.

Insights from the Team Lead

With an unwavering focus on user experience, our team dedicated themselves to ensuring that the automatic powder mixer with customizable heat settings was an intuitive and seamless solution. Through close collaboration with our esteemed client, we gained valuable insights into their specific requirements and challenges within the mixing industry, enabling us to design a solution that precisely catered to their needs. By leveraging innovative technologies, conducting rigorous testing, and constantly refining our design, we were able to deliver a powder mixer that exceeded our client’s expectations.

Daud Raza

Team Lead, Devomech Solutions

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