Data visualization: Seamless BLE integration for real-time insights

Ideas. Concept. Solution.

Our client approached Devomech Solutions with an innovative vision: to develop a Flutter mobile application that seamlessly connects to custom-built hardware using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. The goal was to transmit and receive data between the app and hardware, enabling real-time data visualization on an oscilloscope-like graph. The client required a mobile application that could establish a BLE connection, display real-time data, save data to a file, plot saved data on-demand, show a timer display, and indicate the connection status and data receiving state. Additionally, the app needed to provide an options page for configurations and related information, as well as a device selection page for BLE connectivity.


Design, development, and deployment

Real-Time Visualization

Central to the app’s functionality, the real-time oscilloscope graph accurately illustrates dynamic data changes. This achievement results from resource optimization, ensuring user-friendly experiences and accurate data insights.



The app was designed to be highly scalable and compatible with a wide range of Android operating systems, from Android 5.0 to the latest versions.


Thorough testing was conducted, including stress testing and handling potential exceptions or errors during data transfer, plotting, and file management, and iterations were made to improve reliability.

User-Centric Design

We prioritized efficient memory and computational resource management to facilitate smooth and responsive real-time graph plotting. Users could also plot previously saved data on-demand. Moreover, through an accurate timer display built to showcase the elapsed time, users could pause, reset, or resume the data collection at any time.

Memory Management

Employing dynamic data handling, pruning outdated values, and optimized buffering, our app ensures responsive performance while minimizing memory footprint. Proactive memory management enhances user experience, long-term stability, and reliability.


Seamless BLE links high-frequency data acquisition, dynamic graph rendering, and optimized user experience for unparalleled performance.



Power-saving techniques were used to minimize battery consumption, ensuring a longer-lasting app experience.

Insights from the Team Lead

It was an exhilarating experience, leading a team of skilled developers to create a user-friendly interface that effortlessly captured and presented real-time data on an oscilloscope-like graph. We delved into the intricacies of establishing a robust communication channel between the app and hardware, implementing robust error-handling mechanisms, and optimizing power consumption. The journey highlighted the importance of meticulous design, efficient data processing, and compatibility with the latest technologies. Our team’s dedication and innovative approach resulted in a scalable and resilient solution that exceeded the client’s expectations, empowering users to gain valuable insights from their data with ease.

Muhammad Saif Qureshi

Senior Engineer L1 - Mobile Application Developer, Devomech Solutions

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