A scalable Android application for an effortless coffee ordering experience

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With a vision to enhance the drink ordering process on Android tablets, our valued client entrusted Devomech Solutions with the task of creating a customized Flutter mobile application. The goal was to seamlessly connect the app to a hardware device for transmitting order data. Our team of application developers diligently worked on crafting an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing customers to effortlessly select drink type, size, flavors, and enter their name, ensuring a flawless ordering experience.

Additionally, our team implemented automatic scanning and reconnection features to ensure uninterrupted communication with the hardware device. Every step of the way, our focus remained on establishing a reliable and secure communication channel, implementing error recovery mechanisms, and delivering a responsive app experience.

Design, modeling,  and manufacturing


User Experience

An intuitively designed interface with clear navigation, and streamlined order placement features ensured effortless selection of drink preferences such as drink type, size, and flavors.


Efficiency and Speed

By establishing a reliable wired connection with the custom-built hardware, orders were transmitted swiftly and delays were minimized.



Robust error handling mechanisms were implemented to address potential communication disruptions between the application and hardware such as automatically attempted reconnection and timely error recovery.



From selecting drink types, sizes, and flavors to modifying order details before submission, the application empowered users to personalize their coffee experience.

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The application incorporated safety measures to prevent unauthorized access and protect user data, hence, safeguarding sensitive information.



The application was compatible with Android tablets running on various operating system versions, from Android 5.0 up to the latest Android operating system.

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Do you have an idea that’s out of the norms? Imagine it, do your rough sketches and the Devomech Solutions team will create it for you! Great team that will do it from start to end.

Christopher Moawad

Founder, Shasta Daisy Coffee

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