Streamlined mobile device management for in-store experience

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Having envisioned a customized mobile device application, our valued client needed a comprehensive mobile device management solution that would be compatible with various devices in their store so that the customers can visit and test the product first-hand. This management solution would play a key role in enhancing the in-store experience for customers and enable growth in sales.

The solution would enable them to fetch and display device information from a custom-built API on mobile phones. They required the app to have region-specific settings, a screen saver feature with remotely managed playlists of images and videos, automatic execution on device startup, password protection for device settings, and the ability to restart automatically if closed by the user. Additionally, the app needed to support multiple languages, specifically English and Greek, to cater to a diverse customer base.


Design, development, and deployment



A reliable prototype was built which went through comprehensive functionality tests, performance enhancements, and seamless integration with the custom-built API and remote management system.



The app’s layout and design were optimized to fit within the screen dimensions of various devices, providing a consistent and visually pleasing experience for users.



The team implemented efficient data handling and storage capabilities within the application, allowing it to fetch and display device information seamlessly from the custom-built API. This ensured that the app could handle a large volume of data and provide real-time updates to users.



A sleep mode feature was activated during store closing hours, remotely configurable from the admin portal, ensuring efficient power management and extending device lifespan.



The app featured a user-friendly interface that allowed customers to navigate through device information effortlessly. Meanwhile, the password screen prevented unauthorized access to device settings.



Due to its flexible architecture and adaptable framework, the application enabled effortless integration with different devices, empowering the client to provide a unified customer experience.

Screen Preservation

Screen Preservation

Regular color, image, and video changes were implemented to prevent pixel burning and ensure a high-quality viewing experience.

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Highly recommend working with Devomech Solutions. Great responsiveness and ability to come up with suggestions on the project.

Mihai Golovatenco

Director, Index

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