A mechanized dental floss solution to ensure hygiene

Ideas. Concept. Solution.

To assist a client in product design and prototyping, a team of engineers and designers at Devomech Solutions came together to create a mechanized dental floss that would ensure proper hygiene and ease-of-use.

The team decided to equip the dental floss with a reel of thread and a reel cycling mechanism to allow reel movement. After the user is done flossing, a blade incorporated into the body can cut the thread that has been used, and replace it with a fresh one at the push of a button.

To thoroughly meet the hygiene standards expected by the client, UV light was included in the case of the floss, which sanitizes the floss thread when the product is placed inside it. Moreover, the case design also included a lid that protects the floss from external contamination.

Design, modeling,  and manufacturing



The battery installed was big enough to last up to six months on a single charge.



The button placement (used for thread change) maximized reachability and comfort when using the floss. The body easily fit in the hand and the case was designed having a hinged design that could be opened and closed singlehandedly.



A PCB and battery housing is made within the floss body along with a charging port inlet. Embedded contact pads and wire routing was done to provide electricity from the dental floss to the UV Light.

sustainable 2


The team minimized the points of contact of the floss with the mechanical parts through a choice of components that would not degrade over time or with repeated use.



For performance evaluation, major parts of the products were manufactured, assembled, and tested for their respective functions. Required modifications were made and a final design was created that could be mass-produced.

Insights from the Team Lead

Coordinating the creation of our mechanized dental floss was a dynamic journey. Our Devomech Solutions team engineered a fusion of innovation and hygiene, resulting in a product that effortlessly enhances oral care routines. By prioritizing thoughtful design, sustainable practices, and cutting-edge integration, we’ve brought a new dimension to dental hygiene. This project epitomizes our dedication to pushing boundaries and creating solutions that positively impact daily lives.

Hafeez Ullah Khan

Team Lead Mechanical, Devomech Solutions

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