An all-in-one washing and drying solution that is sustainable and cost effective


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To create a modern laundry machine design, our valued client reached out to engage our electrical and mechanical engineering teams so that their users have the capability to dry their washed clothes with utmost ease without having to hang them in open air or dedicating a separate room in the house for laundry. This was in response to the problems faced by users who use conventional washing machines which mostly require separate spin dryers, or use dryers which discharge water while drying, hence creating the need to be placed into a dedicated laundry area.

Design, modeling, and manufacturing


Integrated function

Instead of a separate heater, a dryer was intelligently placed inside the washing machine which converted cold air to hot to dry clothes without any water discharge.



Using modern mechanical assembly techniques and special vibration control materials, the team successfully reduced the noise created by the machine. Given that the machine can work without a continuous water source the user is free to place it anywhere required.

sustainable 2


The filtration system fitted inside the washing machine allowed used water to be stored, filtrated and then reused, hence eliminating the need for a continuous water source and making it environmentally friendly. Moreover, a BLDC motor was used to save energy.

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Team Devomech Solutions is very easy to communicate with excellent engineering skills. They are timely in their responses, quick to make revisions, and understand their client’s needs.

Nicolas Ramirez

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