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Trying to perfectly cook a whole chicken, turkey or any problematic cut of meat can be frustrating and time-consuming. Having established a start-up, our client was looking for a partner to design a cooker that could offer the right functionalities to prepare meat perfectly.

Different kinds of meat dishes require different temperatures to be perfectly cooked from the inside. While an oven would cook the meat from the outside, the client’s vision was to create a nonstick cookware insert also known as the Core Cooker that could pierce through the meat and allow the heat to penetrate, to achieve the desired tenderness from the inside as well.

Design, modeling,  and manufacturing



The body of the core cooker was designed so that a high-power heater could fit into the limited space. Moreover, the heater had to be intelligently placed into the cooker so that the heat could penetrate into the meat evenly.

Usability 1


The nonstick cooker was designed to have sharp curves so that it could easily be inserted into the meat. To compliment the core cooker, an alternative part/insert was also added to the product for meat that already had hollow cavities and didn’t need the piercing functionality. In addition, a digital timer and temperature gauge were included in the product to ensure that both professionals and beginners could easily select the right mode/temperature.



The team successfully created the design, renderings, and animation so that the client could pitch his idea directly to investors. All 2D and 3D manufacturing design files with required tolerances were delivered to the client.

Safety 1


Since the cooker was powered by an electrical cord, the team chose a high-temperature food-grade material for the cord so that it could sustain the high temperatures.

Hear from our client

Had a great experience working with Team Devomech Solutions and it has been the best choice thus far in every professional way. I am sticking with them for my next projects as the work is of perfect satisfaction. I recommend Devomech Solutions because they are easy to deal with, are very professional, and produce quality work.

Marvin Bowen

Product Developer, The Core Cooker

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